20% MORE brake power! The DIXCEL SD series discs are for the users who want more braking power and better disc appearance when compared to their standard disc.

  • Slots increase brake performance by up to 20% according to simulated testing.
  • 6 slots is the standard for SD brake discs. The 6 slot pattern was selected after careful ex/Mination of factors such as pad wear,
  • noise level, and gas ventilation.
  • For the 6 slot brake discs, reverse rotation (slots pointing forward) is recommended for best brake performance.
  • High carbon material is used for sports cars and vehicles with high brake loads to improve durability compared to conventional products.
  • Slots are designed to rotate in a reverse direction to gain better "shaving effect".
  • Offset slot pattern on outer/inner side of brake discs reduces brake judder.

12 slot version is available upon request as an option. 12 slot version is an additional JPY6,000 (w/o tax). Because this is a custom-order product, orders cannot be canceled after they are placed.

The recommended slot direction is Reverse rotation for 6 slots and Normal rotation for 12 slots.

Anti-corrosion protection of the discs will not completely prevent corrosion from occurring. Since the discs are made of cast iron, it is impossible to completely prevent corrosion. Please be aware DIXCEL will not offer any exchanges/refunds for corrosion of discs.
Sample photo, actual product may vary. Not all products have ventilation fins.

High carbon material is used for sports cars and vehicles with high brake loads to improve
durability compared to conventional products.

The performance difference between forward and reverse rotations.

The slots are effective in both forward and reverse rotations. The reverse rotation has a higher friction level compared to forward rotation. But the downside is that the pad wear rate is higher for reverse rotation compared to forward rotation. Please look at the chart below to see the comparison between forward and reverse rotations.

The data above is based on our Z type pads. This test data is from testing on the street and race circuit. The values can vary depending on the pad material. Pad wear level also depends on the usage. At DIXCEL, we evaluated each disc’s characteristics.To achieve a high level of friction, we recommend the following setups. For discs with 6 slots, we recommend reverse rotation. For discs with 12 slots, we recommend forward rotation.

The two-piece brake discs come in 6, 8, and 12 slots. Please use the discs in reverse rotation NOT forward rotation. For one-piece discs with directional ventilation, please install in the forward rotation since reverse rotation will be harmful to the cooling effects. While slots provide greater friction coefficient, the amount of dust and noise may change in some cases.

  • Diameter (mm): 310
  • Thickness (mm): 22
  • Height (mm): 48.5
  • Centre Hole Diameter (mm): 65
  • Minimum Thickness (mm): 20
  • Drum Maximum Diameter (mm): N/A
  • Wheel/Stud Holes: 5
  • SKU SD1358331S
    Model # SD1358331S
    Brand Dixcel

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