Ultra low dust brake pads for street use

  • Significant reduction of brake dust without sacrificing brake performance!
  • Stable operating friction level for superior brake control.
  • Braking power that is NOT abrupt; Smooth braking for a comfortable ride during braking.
  • Designed to/Minimize disc wear to help prolong the life of the brake discs.
  • Can be used with any type of DIXCEL brake disc range.
Friction MaterialsNon asbestos organic etc [Copper Free 2021 regulations]
Effective Temperature Range0 - 500 c
Brake dynamometer/Fade test 2nd sectionMax. μ:0.52/Ave. μ:0.40/Min. μ:0.39

All about brake dust

Please take a look at the comparison images of the two wheels. Clearly, the car using the M type has little brake dust on the wheel. The benefit of the M type is not just being freed from constant cleaning of the wheels. Most brake dust is not from brake pad shavings, but shavings from the brake disc. The M type brake pads have low brake dust, meaning the pads are shaving off less from the brake disc. This leads to the prolonging of the life of the brake discs. The characteristic of metal shavings?dust? is its vulnerability to humidity; humidity corrodes the metal shavings. So without the proper maintenance, the metal shavings can cause the wheels to corrode. With the M type brake pads with/Minimal brake dust, there is no need for the frequent cleaning of wheels. Please experience for yourself the superior brake performance that the OEM pads lack with the ultra low brake dust M type brake pads.


The amount of brake dust for OEM pads after 1000 km

The amount of brake dust for DIXCEL M type after 1000 km


The amount of brake dust for OEM pads after 1000 km


The amount of brake dust for DIXCEL M type after 1000 km


Comparison between M type and general OEM products

The M type brake pads are often compared with the OEM brake pads. This chart is an overall evaluation of the M type compared with the OEM brake pads. The values are based on test results and user reviews.
The performance values are the average of the various cars the applicable vehicle manufacturer sells on the market. Depending on the model of the car, actual performance values may be different from the values on the chart.

Comparison chart of the M type brake pads performance values by European Car Manufacturer

The OEM brake pads are given a performance value of 5 points. The performance values are based on 10 points with 10 being the best performance.

MODELAnti-Dust CapabilityAnti-Noise CapabilityBraking Power
BMWF30 3series96.55
MERCEDES BENZW212 E-class96.55
PORSCHE997 Carrera106.54


Stopping power with low brake dust

At first glance, the statement above may seem contradicting. DIXCEL is able to research & develop such a product because we are an aftermarket brake manufacturer. DIXCEL is not a brake manufacturer that only specializes in motorsports applications. Our research & development goes beyond motorsports, to ordinary street-use sedans,/Mini-vans, and luxury cars.

The consumers who drive normally wanted a brake pad that has low brake dust without sacrificing braking power.

DIXCEL is involved in motorsports to constantly improve and develop our products. Motorsports allows us to test our products in extreme conditions which cannot be achieved in normal uses.

After a careful material selection process, the testing of the M type brake pad was done using heavy cars like the Lexus LS600h and Toyota Alphard.
The chosen materials passed repeated extreme brake tests from speeds of 180km/h. The M type brake pads are not just a low dust brake pad, brake pads that offers improved braking performance.

Clean reliable stopping power

This was the main concept when the M type was being developed; low dust and improved brake power.

  • The repeated braking tests from 180km/h were done on a race circuit.
  • The M type is NOT designed for circuit-use. Use on race circuits can result in increased wear and decrease in performance.
  • The Z and R series brake pads are recommended for circuit-use brake pads.

DIXCEL Low Dust Brake pads “GO GREEN”

Hybrid cars such as Toyota Prius come to/Mind first when it comes to “Eco-friendly cars”. Then, what can we do for our environment with our Non-hybrid cars? Eco-conscious people may drive in a fuel-saving way, fit fuel-efficient tires or try engine bay grounding kits.
Changing brake pads is one of the ways to contribute to preserve our environment. When you look at the wheels of your cars, you may find them covered with black dust. This black dust (rusty brown color in some cases) is called “Brake Dust”. Brake dust is metal powder generated by the friction between brake discs and brake pads.Especially, European cars are fitted with aggressive brake pads on discs and generate more of it.
This fine metal powder will disperse in the atmosphere and cause damages to the environment. It also leads to wasting water to remove the dust. Besides, more brake discs are to be disposed because of their shorter life. (European cars generally require brake disc replacement every other brake pad change). Choosing brake pads gentle on discs can prolong the life of discs and consequently will be one big solution to preserve our environment. With DIXCEL M pads, why not start what we can do for the earth?

  • Friction Materials: Non asbestos organic / Copper Free (2021 regulations) etc
  • Effective Temperature Range: 0 ~ 500 °C
  • Max u: 0.52
  • Ave u : 0.40
  • Min u: 0.39
  • Applicable Stages: Fast road 
SKU M-1315861
Model # M-1315861
Brand Dixcel

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